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The conditions that are needed to build a top golf course are respectively : plenty of budget, the appropriate style type, suitable terrain characteristics, quality of water and soil, the ideal wind direction, abundant natural vegetation, scientific environment monitoring, the necessary safety equipment, designers having created hole diversity, and especially the last one , now is widely thought to be decided whether a stadium is enough to be at the top of the key factors.


The following is an introduction of over ten stadium, which is according to the prevailing standards that have been selected, so obviously they are strong representative.


PINE VALLEY GOLF CLUB  designers: Crump/Colt (1918), par 70 bar, the number of 6183 meters (6765 yards)  PINE VALLEY is full of mystery in the GOLF limits, because it is difficult to find color, extremely secretive.


This club is situated in New Jersey, remote barren pines found the area where those people said, the stadium is the world’s top stadium. 


In 1913, its founders bought 75 hectares of disorder pine trees and made it become the club. Later it had been expanded to an area as high as 168 hectares of primary forest with picturesque scenery, adding a beautiful scenery to the club. 


CYPRESS POINT CLUB  designer: Mackenzie (1929), par 72 stem 5974 meters, number 6536 yards)  CYPRESS POINT CLUB is a veritable private club in the Pacific coast. As you absolutely cannot see the stadium players play golf swing freely.


The club is located in the Pebble Beach in the countryside of the Big Sur in California. 


A club course with the 18th hole was built in the land of the topography fluctuation.

The builder , doctor Alister Mackenzie, is also the designer here who had designed the Augusta national golf club which ranks the eighth on the list.

MUIRFIELD VILLAGE GLOF CLUB (Scotland)  designers: T. Morris (1889), par 71,6600 meters (7221 number in 1744) yards  It was founded in 1744 and it is the world’s oldest golf CLUB.


Many golfers are thought MUIRFIELD VILLAGE GLOF CLUB to be the place in which you can test your ability.


ST. ANDREWS, Scotland  par 72 rod, number 6653 meters (7279 yards) Since the fifteenth century, people have played golf balls on this fertile land. 


In addition to the old stadium, there are four more wonderful 18 holes course, a nine holes course and training center which can accept any level of players.


Everything here is open to the public, but it should be advanced booking.  


The old stadium which is filled with storm embedded in the north sea of sand dunes in the world, and it is that challenging to the best golfers in the world.


PEBBLE BEACH GOLF LINKS (in the United States)  designer: Neville / Grant (1919), par 72 rod, number 6158 meters (6737 yards) PEBBLE BEACH GOLF LINKS is the most prestigious stadium in the USA.


When you walk in the grass path of the narrow stadium, don’t forget to stop to enjoy the charming scenery of rock beach here – one of the beauty along the east coast of California. 


Here is the blessed place where Phil. Mikkelsen, the HSBC championship in 2007, had once achieved three victories here.


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